Next Sale in 2014

The Fall 2014 sale will be October 16-25. We will host the event at the Forrest County Multi Purpose Center in Hattiesburg, MS.

Limits for Fall 2014

*We are not accepting the following items:
breast pumps, infant sleep positioners, junior clothes, maternity clothes, VHS, cassette tapes, bumper pads for cribs (unless it is part of a set), knick-knack home decor.
*Consignors may consign a maximum of 500 total items. If you have more than 500 total items, please register an additional consignor number
or email for further assistance.
*Please limit your shoes to 12 pair, unless they are brand new, never worn.
*There is currently a $3.95 registration fee.
The fee may increase at anytime so please register early.

Fall 2014 DATES & TIMES

Monday, October 13 at 11:59pm
Last day to enter items online.
You can still print tags, hang clothes, and pin tags after the system is closed.

Thursday, October 16
2pm-6pm self-serve drop-off in back, no appt needed
6pm-9pm self-serve drop-off in front, no appt needed
7pm-8pm drive thru drop-off in back, appt required

Friday, October 17
9am-10am drive thru drop-off in back, appt required
11am-4pm self-serve drop-off in back, no appt needed

Saturday, October 18
11am 20 hr volunteers begin shopping
noon 10+ hr volunteers begin shopping
1pm 3+ hour volunteers begin shopping
2pm consignors begin shopping
4pm guests of volunteers/consignors begin shopping
6pm paid guests begin shopping
We will close at 8 pm. Sorry, no children allowed in the building this pre-sale day. Also, no one will be admitted into the building without a pass.

Sunday, October 19
10am-8pm Volunteers/consignors with wristband, guests with a special Sunday shopping pass.
noon-8pm $10 cash entrance fee (fee applies to ages 0-99)
Children are allowed this day with an entrance pass or paid ticket. No one will be admitted into the building without a pass.

Monday, October 20

Tuesday, October 21

Volunteers and Consignors shop Half Price all day with wristband.

Wednesday, October 22
9am-8pm Open to the Public, NO ENTRANCE FEE
Half Price discounts available for every shopper as long as the tag is marked to discount.

Thursday, October 23
Volunteer sorting day

Friday, October 24
Volunteer sorting day

Saturday, October 25
10am-noon drive thru pick-up by appt only
1pm-3pm self-serve pick-up through back door, no appt needed, Door will be locked at 3pm sharp
5pm-6pm Let's Make a Deal!
The line for this event will start outside at the FRONT door. Any item donated or not picked up will be sold by the basket load for $10.
Any item not small enough to fit in a basket will sell for at least 75% off original DFD ticketed price.
This will be a cash only event, no change will be made, we recommend that you bring $5s and $1s.
No children unless in sling or stroller.

All dates and times subject to change so please check back to confirm. If you have any questions please email or call/text 601-466-1055.



updated 6/19/14